• Double scheehouten zeilwherry
  • Mahonie
  • Gebouwd in Richmond-on-Thames, bouwer onbekend
  • Bouwjaar 1907
  • Lengte 7,83 m | breedte 1,33 m | diepgang 0,12 m
  • Zeil: 16 m2
  • Eigenaar: lid HZS
  • FVEN varend erfgoed nummer 1394

De naam

Will-o’-the-wisp betekent dwaallicht. Zo beschrijft Encyclopaedia Britannica het verschijnsel:

Will-o’-the-wisp, in meteorology, a mysterious light seen at night flickering over marshes; when approached, it advances, always out of reach. The phenomenon is also known as jack-o’-lantern and ignis fatuus (Latin: “foolish fire”). In popular legend it is considered ominous and is often purported to be the soul of one who has been rejected by hell carrying its own hell coal on its wanderings. The phenomenon is generally believed to be due to the spontaneous ignition of marsh gas, which consists mostly of methane and which is produced by the decomposition of dead plant matter.

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